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京都で英会話のことなら 京都 ELI 英会話学院
京都で英会話のことなら 京都 ELI 英会話学院
英会話は京都ELI英会話学院のフリーダイヤルへ 0120-16-5108 いろんなことば 日曜・祝日は定休日
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ELIの英会話は単純明解!!安心の月謝制 料金システム

Every week students have the freedom to schedule when it is best to take their lessons in the monthly plan. Also, we provide a per-lesson ticket plan system.
※ Contact us for more details!


Even Monthly Courses are Flexible!
No limit of the number of changes!

Every month change your lesson content,
   number of classes and lesson schedule to meet your needs!!

As you progress, choosing the best lesson content and lesson time is important. Also an adaptable lesson plan is important to match your lifestyle and encourage you to continue studying towards your goal. Each of our courses start at 4 lessons a month and can be increased to an everyday schedule. Also changes in lesson content from TOEIC to travel preparation, or changing to a different school location is all OK!

● Immediate Changes Also OK!

Students do not have to worry with sudden schedule changes. Just contact us the day before your scheduled lesson before 17:00 and you are free to re-schedule.
※ Set English Semi-Private and Private Lesson students are limited to 1
  reschedule per month.

● Use either ELI Karasuma or ELI Toji!

After becoming an ELI student, feel free to take lessons at either one of our schools!

● Lessons for both Beginner & Advance students!!

● Improve with Lessons matching your level and goals!

Many people studying English conversation have different skills and levels.   Therefore at ELI we have 8 different levels of classes available. Come and consult with us to find out which level your current skill is at, and which class would be best for you!

Get support with our periodic skill counseling to make sure
you are always taking lessons that are matching your level.

英会話の目的や好み、予算に合わせて人数をチョイス♪1対1のプライベート & 4人までの少人数セミ・プライベートレッスン

● Private Lesson (1-on-1 )

Talk Lots! Intensive Studying! Classes all about you and what you like!

● Semi-Private Lesson (up to 4 students )

¥ 12,600 per month (4 lessons).   Enjoy learning with others! Because classes are limited to only 4 students, everyone can participate in conversations, ask questions, and improve their skills.

英会話のレッスンだけじゃ物足りない!?国際交流の場ELIは、まさに「Door to the World!」

English ability does not automatically mean you are international .
That is why our instructors make an effort to teach students more than just English,
but country culture and lifestyle as well.   By sharing a wide range of international
experience, our students not only learn to communicate with foreigners, but also become accustom to international lifestyles and ways of living around the world.

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